Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 Review

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15


Generation: 10thProcessor: Intel Core i7-10875H
No. of CPU Core: 8No. of Threads: 16
Base Clock Speed: 2.3 GHzMax. Boost Clock: 5.1 GHz
L1 Cache: 512 KBL2 Cache: 2 MB
L3 Cache: 16 MBCMOS: 14 nm
Memory: 32GB DDR4Storage: 1TB SSD
Operating System: Windows 10Screen Size: 15.6-inch
Graphics Card: 8GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-QNo. of GPU Core: 2560




Before going into the depth, let go through overall features and hardware design. It looks similar to another gaming laptop. It is grey in colour with ROG logo on its outside of the lid. Besides, it packs with 1TB of SSD storage and 15.6-inch primary display. Further, you would find dual-screen on this model. The secondary display takes the Windows 10 experience to new heights.

In this laptop, you get ports on three side edges. Power delivery, Ethernet and HDMI ports are houses on the backside and offers a clean look to the desk. On its left, there is two audio jack, one mick for insides and the other for the audio port.

It is just 20.9mm thin, 2.48 Kg weight and wrapped in magnesium-aluminide chassis that is strong and sleek. This model allows you to play games, create content in different formats, stream and stay fruitful. On the reverse side, there are six huge legs and coated with rubber. It is perfect for stability and offers a slot for Cooling.

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 originated along with a secondary screen with touchscreen features. That second screen is known as ScreenPad Plus and the makers main focus the target on creators, power users and gamers. It includes the ScreenXpert software for seamless navigation between the primary screen and secondary screen. It enables drop, drag and touchscreen controls.


On the cutting-edge, you can work and play with a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10875H. It offers you a severe speed for intense workloads. As it is a high-end processor with eight cores based on comet lake architecture. Its clock rate up to 5.1 GHz refers to boost speed need to fulfil certain criteria to achieve and suffice lots of firepower under the hood.

This package support 32GB of RAM patched onboard memory. It is of dual-channel memory with 3200MHz bandwidth. The system speed and interest are boosted with high-speed RAM. It has a vast space of storage and using an interface M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 and combined into a RAID 0 array. Besides, it offers superfast load times for all games, apps. The high-rate storage for lightning-fast media editing and transferring. 


The 15.6 inches screen coated with Anti-Glare layer avoids the eyes strain, as this coat removes the reflection from the display. Its refreshing rate is 300 Hz, and the IPS panel offers the best viewing angle. This laptop compiles with standard colours of the Pantone Matching System. Further, it gives the 100% sRGB colour range. Its secondary display has G SYNC property that delivers smooth and fastest gaming actions. In Zenbook Duo and Zenbook Pro Duo, the main point is an extra screen. However, in Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15, it has additional screen support software.

It achieves true colour spirit with Pantone validated displays. Every IPS panel calibrated so that each colour meets the rigorous. It approved by Pantone validation colour terms throughout the global. The great colour accuracy lets the artists, creators and designers do serious work. With this, they can enjoy the rich gaming visuals on this machine.

The tilted 13 degree makes a comfortable viewing angle, Small display does multitasking easy. As it features optimized apps that enhances the workflow. It provides a moment to keep chat and stream control on the deck while gaming on the main screen. Also relishes the larger working area for creative projects with screen space to spare for critical tools. Swapping a Window between two screens is easy as to dragging and dropping. You can easily access any apps, scribble on the screen pad, a virtual Numpad.


Next, it is paired with NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 Super Max-Q Graphics. With NVIDIA Turing Architecture and special stress on ray tracing and AI support, it gives a more lifelike feel. It has 8GB GDDR6 VRAM that enables high-frame rates and fantastic realism for immerse gaming. High demanding games like Control and Shadow of the Tomb Raider playable at maxed-out settings. With the help of RTX on without wasting an effort on the Zephyrus Duo, it manages the hard games. While working on creative content, it wouldn’t mislead you. As there are no glitches always give smooth and seamless results.


It is hard to get enough battery life from a gaming laptop with powerful specs and two displays. Its battery capacity is 90WHr that makes the device super portable. This model lasted for 5 hours with both screens enabling over web surfing using the internet. During the disabled screen plus pad, its output rises around 6 hours. Both the lasting times better than the Blade Pro and Triton.

Cooling System

A laptop like this expected to heat up and can get toasty at peak loads. But you wouldn’t find any choke issues as Acer has aced across heating problems. Asus has installed many traits to aids the Duo 15 stays cool. First, in their layout design is the raised feet that offer better diffusion of heat. Including, there is lifted the Screen Pad Plus and uses the Asus’ patented Active Aerodynamic System. The AAS opens more vents to draw in cool air from the top.

Next, when combined with innovative measures like Liquid Metal Thermal compound on the CPU. This dynamic machine helps to sustain the performance. It reduces the temp up to 14°C to the standard thermal paste. The block that sits on the CPU has a special internal barrier to limit the liquid metal from leaking out over time.

Inside the there cooling system, it has 5 heat pipes to pull away heat from CPU, GPU and RAM. It reduces the temp of these power component helps to enhance the long term stability and reliability. Alongside, it has also 4 heatsinks with separate 252 heat sink fins. These heatsinks diffuse the heat energy with ultrathin copper fins as slim as 0.15 mm.

Operating Mode

Use its different plot with the help of keyboard shortcuts and quickly adapt them. With high frequencies and fan speed, Turbo Mode is the best for CPU intensive tasks such as 3D rendering and video editing. In the performance mode, observes that execution and Cooling to lower noise level under 40 dB while gaming. Further, the acoustic goes below the 35 dB, that is mostly found in a silent mode like watching movies lighter workloads.


The Type-C USB ports Thunderbolt 3 supports allows the power users, creators and gamers to expand their workstation. Easily connect with multiple displays for more efficient multiple purposes. The peak interface bandwidth up to 40Gpbs gives you output media to UHD TVs, monitors, and 8k resolution. It has 1 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A in this 10th Gen model.


The integrated chip of WiFi 802.11ax supports the fast ax standard. The WiFi 6 module with Gig+ technology delivers high pace with minimal delays. It follows by the Bluetooth version 5.1, that provides a rapid transfer rate under optimal conditions.


The extraordinary, sleek design and second screen take incredible precision. Whereas the secondary screen tilts up in the same direction as of lifting the lid. Hence, it gives you effortless interaction, touchscreen facility with a more comfortable angle. When opening a second screen, it radically improves cooling through the lightweight metal chassis.


On this Asus laptop, preinstalled a robust set of branded apps such as Game First V app that prioritizes the bandwidth of the network for specific apps. It also brings MyAsus app and runs for hardware and diagnostics checks on the system. Xsplit Gamecaster and Vcam included for the better streaming experience. Apart from these apps, it consists of game-friendly third-party apps that serve up the collection of utilities designed to optimize gameplay. Other than this you have Windows 10 bloatware, Candy Crush Saga, Netflix. Although some software like McAfee Personal Security and Dropbox are more helpful than others.


High Audio resolution delivers by ESS Sabre HiFi DAC. Use your favourite headset to enjoy rich, clear audio through a virtual sound for deep immersion. For chatting, running and more use separate microphone jack to plug in dedicated mic. Its twin smart amplifier powered speakers stay in the warm and outing limit to prevent damage to the cones. Get the wide range, deeper bass and noiseless sound by pumping the volume.


It is designed for precise input, the desktop-style keyboard. Featuring with spaces between function keys for original identification. The hotkeys keep the vital command close to the hands. Whereas N-key rollover uses to register the simultaneous presses. The ahead region of moves your hands away from the warmer area of the case. It lowers the temp for your comfort while marathon gaming session.

Meanwhile detachable palm rest accessory lifts ergonomics for greater ease. For increasing the effortless input speed, the key travel distance is 1.4mm. RGB customized keys are best for highlighting the keys and time-saving shortcuts. It has exclusive dual-function LED-backlit NumberPad and TouchPad.

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15- Verdict

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 has everything you desire in a gaming laptop. There are many features you don’t have an idea that you needed. Overall, it is capable of a gaming machine that offers a 300Hz refresh rate. It makes exciting and scary at the same time. Moving in the sense of high-end gaming, adapt everyday use, content creation and do a lot of things undoubtedly well. Another, scary because of a high expanse. It is a very cool, powerful and modern machine and doesn’t have any vital flaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will CPU lifespan and stability affected under high temperature?

When the temp is lower than the original standard set by Intel, then the lifespan of CPU will not be affected. As long as, the core exceeds the set temp value, the power reduced to maintain a safe thermal condition. As it depends on the processor and BIOS settings.

2. How to debug the Blue screen errors in Windows?

The Blue Screen Error occurs due to software and hardware problems causes your system abnormal and restart suddenly. Try the following steps to fix the issues.
1. Update and confirm BIOS, Windows packages, drivers with the latest version in your laptop.
2. Run System Diagnosis via MyASUS.
3. Check external peripherals or any hardware devices either installed/changed.
4. Check recently installed/updated software or apps.
5. Reset your PC.

3. What is Active Aerodynamic System (AAS)?

It is an exclusive patented cooling set made for ROG gaming notebook. The following are the feature inculcate in the cooling method.
1. It improves airflow by over 20%, with opening a laptop. There is an air circulation gap at the bottom flexes of 5-9 mm.
2. The fan blades are made up of liquid crystal polymer that reduces the thickness up to 33%. It allows adding more blades to the fan that improves the airflow.

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