Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop?

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

This writing will discuss several aspects you need to keep in mind when purchasing a gaming laptop. Here, you only need to understand your requirements; based on that; you will easily choose. So let’s try to understand them deeply.

Gaming laptop

While finding Gaming laptops in India, you will get excellent Graphics card for great visuals of gaming. If you want to enjoy serious gaming sessions, you need to spend a high budget that delivers you all functionality. Before that, there are a few points that you should know while making a purchase. Spending this type of amount is not a joke. So here are a few points that you should consider while looking around gaming laptops.

Which GPU do we need?

The reason behind the different visuals is the Graphics chip. When you are for a gaming laptop, then assumes the graphics cards have great importance. It is similar to RAM in many ways, like more the GB on the Graphics better is the performance.

Types of GPU

Integrated Graphics: The integrated Graphics are the section of the processor. It handles the basic graphics work, such as enables you to watch videos.

Discrete Graphics: However, for a heavy user, who does a lot of photo editing work or games, they should choose the dedicated GPU. There is no use of integrated graphics for compulsive gamers. NVIDIA has NVIDIA GeForce RTX and NVIDIA GTX series for high-end gaming machines.

High-End Graphics Cards

  • This GPU can play the latest and most demanding games in high resolutions and full detail with enabled Anti-Aliasing.
  • With this highest setting like RTX 2080 Ti, you get smoother access to VR and special effects. This series let you play the ray-traced games and get faster frame rates.

Mid Range Graphics Cards

  • With these GPUs, you can play modern and demanding games fluently at medium detail settings and HD resolution.
  • NVIDIA’s GeForce RX 2060 is good for a mainstream gaming laptop. You can play most games on high-grade also, RTX 3060 and 3070 takes place in the mid-range. They are good for virtual reality to maintain the minimum standard.

Low-End Graphics Cards

  • With these GPUs, you can play modern and demanding games fluently at medium detail settings and HD resolution.
  • If you don’t play on high settings, you can get GTX 1650 or RX 5500M to play most games. The GTX 1660 Ti provides more power, and the user can take it as a worthy investment.

Habitual gamers would love to spend more on the GPU rather than the other configurations. Engineering students use the Auto CAD and Photoshop apps; they would prefer the high-end graphics.

The major competing brands in graphics hardware are NVIDIA and AMD. NVIDIA is known for the computer graphics department due to its GeForce model, whereas AMD is famous for its Radeon brand.


GeForce brand of NVIDIA comes in variants like GTX and RTX. These are specially designed for graphics-intensive applications such as games, graphics engines and more. GTX stands for Giga Texel Shader Extreme and runs on Pascal architecture, whereas RTX’s full form is Ray Tracing Texel Extreme. The most basic difference between the two is that RTX operates on Real-Time Ray Tracing and DLSS ( deep learning neural network boosts the frame rates and create beautiful, sharp images for games).


Moreover, the incredibly detailed lighting effects and presentation doesn’t guarantee better frame rates. Many games don’t support ray tracing.

Apart from this, without any doubt, RTX can beat the GTX in 4K gaming. The factor responsible for this is the fast memory type that GDDR6 and the Turing architecture compatible with Real-Time Ray Tracing. It sounds impressive, but there is no reason to use the RTX card if you don’t care much about the visuals.

What are the main Components should we look for?

1. CPU


Your laptop works faster; that depends on the processor’s high degree of efficiency. Further, In short, the CPU is the brain of the system. The two companies Intel and AMD, make processors. Therefore, you find the Intel and AMD processor on every laptop. CPU come in various categories and series. So, Intel comes up with Pentium, Celeron, and the Core i-series. The AMD has A, FX, and Ryzen series.

Intel Pentium comes in two types Gold and Silver. It would be found in basic laptops that is for light users. This processor is enough for performing a simple task. Intel Celeron offers great power rather than the Pentium processor. Indeed in this Celeron CPU, you observe that its clock speed is more than the Pentium.

There are progressive generations of the Core i3 processor. These are potent processor capable of multitasking activities. Medium level user can choose the Core i3 and focus on the clock speed. The Core i5 is adequate for average level gaming and other multitask activities. This Core i5 processor gives the bridge between moderate and heavy users. The different latest generation Intel i7 processor has distinct series such as U-series, H-series, G-series.

You get the various level of potency in AMD A-series, and light user prefers it. Moreover, the AMD FX series is also known as APUs. It helps to facilitate the AMD Radeon graphics chip into the processor. AMD Ryzen series is a powerful and stable processor. Its Ryzen 3 series is equal to the Core i3 processor, and Ryzen 7 gives a performance equivalent to the Core i7.

2. RAM


People check this factor while purchasing a laptop. The main thumb rule is that the more the memory, then it is better for multiple tasks. You can perform various tasks by using numerous applications without heating the laptop.

RAM stores all the information about the open files, apps, and games in the laptop’s internal memory. Mostly you find the 4GB, 8GB or 16 GB of RAM. The ideal RAM size is 8GB. The modern laptop has the configuration of RAM up-gradation.

Apart from it, you should know the various term that relates to the RAM. The DDR4 is better and faster than the DDR3 RAM. At the same time, you find that they are expensive. Remember, DDR3 becomes extinct in future like DDR2 and DDR due to its more power consumption. Another you are not able to upgrade the DDR3. Therefore DDR4 is the better choice than the other type of RAM.

3. Storage


No machine can work without internal storage. Storage has a vital aspect of laptops. You need to store everything you do on the laptop in internal storage. You can’t perform simple jobs and even playing games such as creating documents on your laptop without storage.

You find the HDD on most of the laptops. It has a wide range of storing capacity. If you have large applications and games on your laptop, you should go with the 1TB HDD. Another option for storage is the SSD, and these are faster than the HDDs. SSD has enormous utility for activities such as compiling videos and playing fast, action-packed games.

SSDs don’t have moving parts, as they are more stable than HDDs. The most important advantage of the SSD is that they are at least 4-5 times faster than the hard disk. It is also expensive than HDD. In the case of SSHD, you get the combination of SSD and HDD. Hence, you achieve a double benefit of speed and storage.

The last type of storage is the eMMC that is flash storage mostly find in tablets and iPads. It doesn’t occupy much space and efficient for small devices.

What are the factors for display?

Resolution: The display is an essential aspect of the laptop. You require a high-quality display to get the best out of the laptop. Laptops come with various screen resolution of the display. The ideal screen resolution should be 1080p or refer to as Full HD.

Screen Size: The bigger display size provides a better viewing angle. You have a display size from 11 inches to 17 inches. The ideal size of the display is 15.6 inch. The bezel of the laptop’s display protects from damage. Many laptop manufacturers go for less-bezel screens. This small bezel helps to produce a more prominent display without increasing the size of the laptop.

Display Type: It is advisable to check out the screen types. IPS display panel allows viewing from wide angles. Avoid touch screen for a gaming laptop as this type of display kills battery life and makes the display overly glossy.

What about battery life?

The battery is the most crucial part of the laptop. It keeps your laptop running when there is no power connection. It is measured in the Watt-Hour (WHr). Besides, it is the heaviest part of the laptop.
Various factors influence battery performance. These factors are brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, type of processor. Battery entails your laptop becomes heavy.

Fast Charging: Most of the laptops take time to get charge. The gadget that you carry everyday needs to be charged as soon as possible. The laptop these days comes with an inbuilt fast charging feature. This feature helps to charge in a short period.

What should we look for in a Keyboard?


In a gaming laptop, the keyboard plays an important role. It covers the typing sessions and, in heavy gaming, need the backlit keys. Lets have a look for the various factor of Keyboard.

Key Travel: This term refers to the total distance from the key at rest to full depression until it hits the bottom. In general, keys with 1.5mm of key travel is the preferable choice, but if you hit 2mm, that’s even much better.

Backlighting: The keyboard contains light underneath the keys. The backlight illuminates the letter and symbols that help to keep them visible in low and dark environment. Many laptop’s keyboards allow you to adjust the brightness level. The Best Keyboard has RGB lighting.

Actuation: It is about how much force do you need to apply to press the key down. Usually, it is between 65 and 70 grams which provide enough resistance.

Anti-Ghosting & n-key Rollover: N-Key Rollover refers in short term as NKRO which means each key is independent of the others. Another term Anti-Ghosting recognized various key presses at the same time.

Other various Features

  • Fingerprint Reader: It enables the laptop to identify you. You can use it as a login system. Therefore, you can’t deny this feature delivers a better user experience.
  • Ports: Laptops have different ports for distinct purposes. For connecting with smartphones or other Laptops, you need USB ports. It comes in different type with variation in data transfer speed and the HDMI port that provides the analogue and digital network with multimedia devices. You can connect your mobile phones to the laptops through the USB port.
  • Touchpad: It is another factor that comes in the laptops. Sometimes it doesn’t affect the performance of the device. But if you spend the amount on the gadget, you should go with a better version. Most of the touchpad comes with two buttons to give you a smooth experience. However, a touchpad without a button consumes less power as compared to a touchpad with buttons.

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